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Effectiveness of Positive Psychology Group Interventions on Meaning of Life and Life Satisfaction among Older Adults (2392 Downloads)
Healthy Lifestyle Status among Non- Institutionalized Older People: A Literature Review (1625 Downloads)
Nutritional Status and Related Factors in Elderly Nursing Home Residents (1252 Downloads)
The Relationship between Spiritual Well-Being and Quality Of Life among the Elderly People Residing in Zahedan City (South-East of Iran) (1075 Downloads)
A Critical Review of Studies on Health Needs Assessment of Elderly in the World (961 Downloads)
Dietary Behaviors of Elderly People Residing in Central Iran: A Preliminary Report of Yazd Health Study (931 Downloads)
Validity and Reliability of the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Treatment Fatigue scale in a Persian-Speaking Aging Population (915 Downloads)
Aging Educational Program to Reduce Ageism: Intergenerational Approach (890 Downloads)
Admission to a Nursing Home: Viewpoints of Institutionalized Older People about Replacement (885 Downloads)
Elderly Community Dwelling Women's Experiences of Managing Strategies for Urinary Incontinence: A Qualitative Research (873 Downloads)
Comparative Study of the Effect of Aerobic and Resistance Exercise on Static and Dynamic Balance in Elderly Males (865 Downloads)
The Association between Spiritual Health and Blood Sugar Control in Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes (833 Downloads)
Relationship between Abuse Experience and General Health among Older Adults in Yazd City- Iran (829 Downloads)
Leisure Activities and Mental Health among Aging People in Tehran, Iran (823 Downloads)
Psychometric Properties of a Protection Motivation Theory-based Questionnaire to Assess Self-Medication in a Sample of Elderly Iranians (814 Downloads)
Self-Reported Oral Health and Quality of Life in the Elderly (798 Downloads)
Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence among Elderly Women in Yazd, Iran: A Population-Based Study (762 Downloads)
Relationship between Lifestyle and Quality of Life in Older Adults Yazd City, Iran (754 Downloads)
Status of Daily Living Activities among Older People in Maku (753 Downloads)
Sleep Quality among Older Adults in Mehriz, Yazd Province, Iran (744 Downloads)
Mini Nutritional Assessment for Hospitalized Patients in King Khalid Hospital at Hail city in Saudi Arabia (742 Downloads)
Prevalence of Eye Disorders in Elderly Population of Tehran, Iran (731 Downloads)
Loneliness and Its Related Factors among Elderly People in Yazd (723 Downloads)
A Comparative Study on the Effects of Self-Care Program Education Run by Health Volunteers and Health Care Staff on the Elderly's Quality of Life (715 Downloads)
Relationship of Physical Activity Facilitators and Body Mass Index in Kashan Elderly (708 Downloads)
Elderly Patients’ Satisfaction with Provided Services in Yazd Shahid Sadoughi Hospital (706 Downloads)
Home Visit Services Provided for Elderly Dwellers in Isfahan Province: A Cross-Sectional Study (680 Downloads)
Self-Care Activities and Behavioral Intention toward Self-Care in Older Adults Suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis in Yazd, Iran (618 Downloads)
Disability and Self-Care among Elders in Yazd (582 Downloads)
The Study of Self-Assessed Health among Elderly Women in Shiraz and Yasuj Cities (567 Downloads)
Aging in Place within Elderly People in the Southwest Iran (535 Downloads)
Factors Associated with Postmenopausal Women’s Decisions to Seek Treatment for Urinary Incontinence (520 Downloads)
Aging Ergonomics: A Field with Inadequate Notice (517 Downloads)
The Prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease Preventive Behaviors in Elderly People, Yazd, Iran (488 Downloads)
Lived Experiences of Elderly Patients with Coronary Artery Disease: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study (479 Downloads)
The Effect of Resistance Training on Plasma Hydrogen Peroxide Level in Older Women (460 Downloads)
Editor's Welcome (438 Downloads)
Effects of Different Coumarin- 3-Carboxamide Agents on Scopolamine Induced Learning and Memory Deficit in Mice (355 Downloads)
Utilization of Emergency Medical Services among Older People: A Case Study in Iran (335 Downloads)
The Effect of Resistance Training on Levels of Interlukine-6 and High-Sensitivity C - reactive protein in Older-Aged Women (330 Downloads)
Fear of Falling and Social Participation in the Elderlies in Mobarakeh, Isfahan Province, Iran (287 Downloads)
Parasitic Infections in Nursing Homes: a Permanent Threat for Elderly Health (267 Downloads)
The Psychological Determinants of Self-Medication among the Elderly: An Explanation Based on the Health Belief Model (242 Downloads)
Attitude to, Knowledge and Practice of Skin Care in Older Adults in Sarakhs City, and Prevalence of Some Skin Problems among Them (228 Downloads)
Social Well-being within Aged Citizens in Ahwaz City, Iran (217 Downloads)
Association between Chronic Pain and Depression among the Elderly of Amirkola City, Northern Iran (213 Downloads)
Nutritional Status of the Community-dwelling Elderly in Tabriz, Iran (213 Downloads)
Mitophagy: New Insight into the Cardiovascular Aging   (193 Downloads)
Is Life Expectancy Associated with Depression in the Elderly? (176 Downloads)
The Effect of Psychoeducation on Quality of Life and Dependency in Elderlies (164 Downloads)
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